Bob Boilen

In 1979 I quit my job running a record warehouse and bought an Arp Odyssey synthesizer. In a few months I was performing at dc space in Washington, D.C. with Tiny Desk Unit. I joined Impossible Theater in 1982. I wrote music for a handful of original multimedia productions with some incredibly talented artists from Baltimore. Some of my best music was written then.

Some of that music can be found on the cassette I released called Music For Unitards. In 1988 I quit my TV production job and went to NPR looking for work. I showed up every day hoping I could make radio. In about a year I was somehow directing All Things Considered. At the end of the last century I started NPR's online music show All Songs Considered. After 18 years of directing, I am now hosting All Songs Considered full time for NPR. I started an intimate series of concerts at my desk called  Tiny Desk Concerts, featuring both emerging artists and well known musicians.

I've been making music with electronics for about 30 years. The new songs find me writing lyrics after so many years of instrumental music. Tiny Desk Unit reformed briefly in 2007. Michael, Susan and I wrote an album for the RPM Challenge (the make-an-album-in-a-month challenge) called Sputnik Fell on my Birthday. I've been making music with Tiny Desk Unit guitarist Michael Barron also for the RPM Challenge under the name Danger Painters. We've made 7 albums together.